Ma'oz Tzur
Ma'oz Tzur
Ma'oz Tzur

Ma'oz Tzur

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Solo Saxophone | Intermediate-Advanced | Item SX5210


    "Expertly learn and develop myriad musical nuances and stylistic idioms. I highly recommend these!"
    —Joe Lulloff, Michigan State University


    ”Rick has really created something special. You'll want to play them all.”
    —Lois Hicks-Wozniak, Montclair State University and SUNY New Paltz


    ”Interesting from a pedagogical standpoint, challenging, and ultimately affectionate and reverent to the originals. A gift to students, teachers and professionals!”
    —David Jenkins, Washington DC-based U.S. Military Saxophonist


    “Very worthwhile musical challenges. Entertaining and inherently motivational in its appeal!”
    —Dr. James Umble, Youngstown State University


    ”A wonderful introduction to contemporary performance practices that every saxophonist should [know].”
    —Dr. Brian Lydeen, University of Mary


    ”Challenging to learn, yet fun and interesting…I will definitely be using and recommending these!”
    —Dr. Jason Kush, Slippery Rock University

    This solo saxophone arrangement of Ma'oz Tzur (Rock of Ages) is traditionally sung when lighting the menorah. It's presented here in 3/4.

    It comes from Rick Hirsch's book Yuletide Improvisations, a very hip étude book—disguised as a collection of beloved holiday songs, each one creatively re-imagined and meticulously arranged.

    These delightfully musical little pieces seamlessly incorporate a whole host of techniques every contemporary saxophonist needs to address.

    Play them year after year at recitals, holiday concerts, church or synagogue services, family gatherings, and much more. And they’re playable by every type of saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, etc…).

    Composed by: Traditional

    Arranged by: Rick Hirsch

    Ensemble: Unaccompanied Saxophone

    Format: Sheet Music PDF