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You may attach a P.O. PDF or type your order directly into the email.


All purchase orders should indicate:

  • Complete title(s)
  • Item #(s) (found in product description)
  • Retail price(s)
  • Retailer info: shipping & billing addresses, contact person, email, phone
  • PO# (or I will use date of order)
  • Shipping preference. Choose from USPS Priority / First Class Mail, Media Mail, or "cheapest method available."

Discounts & shipping for retailers:

  • 40% discount on special orders, 50% discount on stocked and promoted titles (10 title minimum order).
  • Dealer pays actual USPS shipping: choose First Class (when available), Priority, Media
  • Default shipping is Priority unless indicated otherwise
  • Drop-ship available at no extra cost.


  • Net-30 by check preferred
  • PayPal / Credit Cards available for international orders, including Canada. Small surcharge may apply.

I have worked with dozens of retailers in North America, including JW Pepper, Stanton's, Pender's, eJazzlines, Music and Arts, Marina Music, Tapestry (CA), Twigg's Musique (CA), Quinlan & Fabish, Hickey's, Beethoven and Co., Al Hemer, Popplers, Robert M. Sides, and many others. I have also fulfilled print music orders from dealers in France.


  • Email me
  • Call me: (814) 867-9935 10AM - 5PM Eastern Time