Ale House Rock Jazz Combo: 3-Horns/flex

Ale House Rock

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Jazz Combo | Medium | Item JC3002

    "Ale House Rock" features a serpentine bass line and straight rock drumbeat.  It's a variation on the 12-bar blues form in F minor.  

    The original instrumentation is alto, tenor, trombone and rhythm, but you'll receive a generous handful of alternate horn parts, giving you the flexibility to include almost any wind instrument.

    3 min. 45 seconds

    Composed by: Rick Hirsch

    Arranged by: Rick Hirsch

    Ensemble: Jazz Combo

    Format: Conductor Score & Parts

    Parts included:

    • Horn 1: alto sax
    • Horn 1: trumpet
    • Horn 2: tenor sax
    • Horn 3: trombone
    • Horn 3: tenor sax
    • Horn 3: bari sax
    • Keyboard / Guitar
    • Bass
    • Drums