Brian May | guitarist & founding member of Queen

On my arrangement of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for big band:

"Fascinating! Your description is perfect...it is the original form, but translated into an idiom that is very different.
I have heard hundreds of 'Bo Raps' by now, but none like this...the language is rich and daring, and sometimes quite abrasive to my ears (like Rock Music is, to many people!) - but it's entirely stimulating...you held my attention the whole track!! (this rare!!! ha ha!) Well done, and thanks..."


"Rick's...take on 'Bohemian Rhapsody' [is] one of the most original and interesting charts we have come across."

Bob Mintzer | composer, saxophonist, Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Southern California

On my sextet version of 'Catch Me if You Can!': 

"Rick, Smokin! Great writing and blazing alto playing. I like everything about this one. Lots of variety in the writing. I particularly like the shout near the end where the piano trades with the horns. Really great."

Katie W | high school musician in Pennsylvania

"[District Jazz] was honestly the best musical experience of my life, I've never been so happy just to play, and I'm always happy to play. But, [District Jazz] was just...something else. Thank you so much! You were the funnest director I've ever had! You taught us so much, I mean, I've never learned so much about music theory. I really want to go into the music field now...especially Jazz. I really want to be a good jazz musician. Thank you so much for the experience the last couple days. You really made it special. My family agrees, because I have yet to stop talking about it."