First Nation Jazz Combo: 3-Horns/flex

First Nation

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Jazz Combo | Medium-Advanced | Item JC3019

    First Nation portrays the expansive American landscape in a time before European settlement. Contemporary flavor, accessible for improvisation, through-composed structure and set in a distinctive minor mood.

    Based on Rick Hirsch’s jazz ensemble chart The Old Chief’s Lookout.

    As part of the combo-flex series, it works with many combinations of horn players, and with as few as 1 horn + rhythm section. Rhythm section parts are notated as needed.

    6+ mins

    Composed by: Rick Hirsch

    Arranged by: Rick Hirsch

    Ensemble: Jazz Combo

    Format: Conductor Score & Parts

    Parts included:

    • Horn 1:  trumpet / soprano sax / clarinet
    • Horn 1:  alto sax
    • Horn 1:  flute / violin / vibraphone
    • Horn 2:  alto sax
    • Horn 2:  tenor sax
    • Horn 2:  french horn
    • Horn 3:  trombone
    • Horn 3:  bari sax
    • Horn 3:  tenor sax
    • Guitar
    • Piano (notated)
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Detailed Lead Sheet in Concert Pitch